May be a leader in the world of industry or a high official in the Government or perhaps a widely respected individual of name, fame and wealth. maybe otherwise, to be an utterly tragical person. Struggling to comfort the inevitable issues of life making the best of trials to make the compromise, who ever or whatever, you are welcome and may you findout for yourself the immediate development of your present state. From the impartially hudged, honest and free from false promises to flatter your escapist’s secret ego, the details of your fortune are well explained after careful study. Millions from innumerable countries all over the world representing different cultures are accepted with whole hearted . Welcome this unusual style of prediction.


You have reached the heights of glory in your professional life; but are feeling distraught due to the recent spell of misfortune which has completely overwhelmed you. It seems as if your world has come crashing down, and you are unable to find way out of the crisis. All the remedies performed till now have proved to befuitless; and the trails and tribulations are increasingly getting worse and painfully unbearable.

Thousands of people who have experienced some or all of the above situations have found solace to their woes and misfortunes. people from various walks of life and foreign nationals too have benefited from the astrological and divine guidance from a renowned master – Kovilakam Varma.

An erudite scholar steeped in the tradition of the Indian seers, visharad Kovilakam Varma is well versed in Astrology, Tantra, Mantra and the Vedas. The past, present and future lives of individuals becomes an open book in the hallowed precints of his Jyotisha Kshetram. Seek the guidance for lasting solution to the problems facing you. the revelations will betruthful and without any embellishments. There will be no false promises. The mysteries of life will be explained and remdial measures will be advised. for over four decades, he has been the guiding beacon for thousands of seekers, who have personally experienced the benefits of the astrological and spiritual guidance. They have reposed their faith in him and their faith in him and their testimonials are ample evidence of the wisdom and erudition of Jyotisha Visharad Kovilakam Varma.

Consultation through post, in person or through telephonic conversation. Advice on remedial measures, guidance and help to overcome pressing situations etc. will also be conveyed on phone.


Jyotisha Vidya- the ancient science of the Vedic era – is in its essence a beacon of light which helps human beings to lead their lives in a holistic manner. This is the knowledge that unravels the mysteries of the world and explains the cause of various events in one’s ;ife. The future events of a persons life can be accurately foreseen and remedial measures advised, to ward off certain misfortunes. Hundreds of people from several countries and different walks of life, have received truthful guidance to resolve the problems faced in their daily lives. People who have been able to overcome severe set backs, outlive grievous calamities and unbearable hardships. On emeeting has been instrumental in changing the lives of many – a radical change from desbelief to awarness and acceptance of spiritual power that guides the destinies of human beings. The remedial measures advised are based on a deep insight into the working of the law of Karma in its various dimensions. years of penance, meditation and practice of tantric discipline; has enabled the guru to function as a channel for the dispensation of the divine grace of Brighy Deva. it has been the eperience of thousands that the path shown by the Guru yield miraculous results. Several skeptics have turned into believes, after experiencing the beneficial effects of the remedial measures and poojas. Various events – past, present and future – can be foretold with amazing accuracy and candidness. One meeting is enough to get a gimpse into the mystical poweres garnered by a mster who has steadfastly followed the ancient and time tested practice of tantric sadhana and upasana. Make an appointment with a scholar who combines in himself the qulaties of a yogi, a teacher, a guide, a philosopher a man who dons the mantle of guardian angel when one is caught in a whirpool of misfortunes. Experience yourself the gentle charm of a mystic and seer; a self – realized Master. The very first meet in will turn out to the first step on the road of divine grace in your life !!!!