1. What is the movement of higher education and why is it so?
  2. Whether the research and recognition will be satisfactory and fruitful?
  3. What are the merits and defects attributed by the inborn abilities, and acquired talents?
  4. The result and working of your acquired abilities?
  5. What are the specialties of your approach?
  6. How will be your married life?
  7. The future and results of your children?
  8. What will be the changes which are likely to occur in the field of business?
  9. Whether there is a possibility of liberating your life from the clutches of the enemies? Whether there is any possibility of a safe and secured life?
  10. What are the merits of the experiences your faced? How will they come to an end?
  11. Are you able to face the accidents and grave, unfavorable situations? And how?
  12. What will happen due to the changes in the conditions of health?
  13. How will the problem relating to your business end up?
  14. Whether there is any possibility of the change in positions in cards?
  15. Is there any result giving something special for you?
  16. How will you experience the fame and luck of specialty?
  17. What are the likely changes in the official sphere?
  18. What will be the result of your works in regard to services to others?
  19. What are the likely changes in your financial sphere?